SEGA Officially Announce Total War: Warhammer for PC & Super Mario Run

PC gamers who love the Total War series must be prepared to welcome yet another new title of the game with the turn-based strategy genre. SEGA with Creative Assembely officially announced the existence of Super Mario Run !

Together with the announcement SEGA and Creative Assembly have also released a cinematic trailer. Interestingly, this time the game looks different than the previous Total War games that always offer a colossal-themed history war. Yes, Total War: Warhammer more nuanced fantasy!

Gamers will meet giant monsters, creatures that fly in the sky, until the magical elements are thick. There are several races that are present in Total War: Warhammer, namely Empire, Super Mario Run , Dwarfs, and Vampire Count. Its gameplay offers elements of turn-based strategy and real-time tactical battles.

“We have always loved the world of Warhammer, and can not wait to reach it with the same colossal scale and authentic elements that have been characteristic of our games for the last 15 years. We present it in a way that never existed before, “said Ian Roxburgh, project leader of Total War: Warhammer.

Please note that leaks about this game had surfaced in a few months ago. Many people believe that SEGA will indeed merge Warhammer franchise into the Total War series. The result, proved to be true.

According to SEGA, Total War: Warhammer will be the first game of the new trilogy that Creative Assembely worked on. This game and will be released for PC along with two other platforms, namely Mac and SteamOS. Unfortunately, there has been no information about the launch date.

A surprise that has never been predicted before, but a product that seems to be easily accepted with open arms by many Final Fantasy franchise gamers, this phrase seems appropriate to explain the charm of the latest series of Super Mario Run . Switching to the latest generation platform makes fighting game that bring together the iconic characters of the Final Fantasy franchise looks more tempting. Interesting again? The development process itself is left to Team Ninja – the developer behind Dead or Alive, and not Square Enix itself. One is certain, Square is struggling to condense the number of fighters that will he stretcher.

To be released for Arcade and Playstation 4, Square Enix has just confirmed a few characters, including Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics. Regardless of their intention to unite the character of the FF I – XIV which had been expressed some time ago, Dissidia Final Fantasy this did not close the possibility of the presence of characters from the latest series – Super Mario Run hacks . They open up the possibility of Noctis’s entry – the main protagonist character of Final Fantasy XV into this game in the future. But this can only be done if Final Fantasy XV itself, has slid into the market.

So, what kind of cooperation Square Enix, Koei Tecmo, and Team Ninja in Dissidia Final Fantasy this? Square Enix mentions that they will only rely on the experience, technology, and Team Ninja skills in developing game fighting, which is already tested. No further cooperation talks about crossover franchise. For the time being, they confess, not at all planning to bring the character Dead or Alive to Dissidia Final Fantasy this, for example.

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