Classic Strategy Game – Battle Realms Will Release for PC!

You who have felt the golden age of game centers that mushroomed in the past after the popularity of Counter Strike that exploded, must remember the strategy game on this one. Although the big names still can not beat the games classmates Starcraft, Warcraft 3, and Red Alert 2, but there is something quite memorable with “Battle Realms”. Strategy game that requires a deep knowledge about the progress of each unit that was built is quite charming on the visual side, at least for an output game in 2001. Do you include gamers who missed this one game? If so, this information will restore the sensation and get dragon ball z dokkan battle free zeni .

Surprising news, the developers – Liquid Entertainment wants to revive Battle Realms for the current generation of PCs. Although it is not rebuilt with a more advanced engine, the re-release of Battle Realms will already support high definition resolutions. The best part? Liquid plans to release Battle Realms via Steam and GOG with full matchmaking multiplayer mode. For the moment, they are just planning to go through the Steam Greenlight process and request voting support from gamers who had tasted this series in the past. When will this game lead to Steam Greenlight? Unfortunately, there is no certainty at all.
Liquid wants to re-release dragon ball z dokkan battle via Steam, with full multiplayer matchmaking support.

How about you? How many of you have played this classic game in the past?

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