Before and after: we turn our garden into open space

After expanding their kitchen and adding a folding door to a new terrace, the owner decided to make the garden a part of the house. “Our priority is to create a comfortable outdoor lounge area,” they said.

The brick wall at the back of the park has always been a favorite of couples and it seems to them that this area will work very well as an outdoor living room. They decided that decking would be the best option because they could fit in, so they bought affordable online decking tools.

The couple wanted an outdoor sofa for ages and ended up making big jumps and ordering it from eBay. “When he arrived, we hated the pillow,” they said. “The colors were unexpectedly yellow, so we sold them and replaced them with Ikea’s smart ash that we could resize and you can visit .

It’s the view from the sitting area, back to the house. The kitchen extends to the terrace, which provides a second dining room for families. This flow flows from the inside out which inspires the owners to create an outdoor living room in their garden.

The warehouse is already part of the garden, but the addition of simple plants to the windows and a large tree helps to clean it up. For continuity, the decking has been adapted to the color of the warehouses – the light tones also help create the illusion of more space.

“We’re great design fans,” the owner said, “so we brought Moroccan designs and colors to textiles and cutlery.” Similar prints are used in the living room, which has a double-spaced link

Actually, the circular pillow above is also part of the other side of the garden (see below). The gray seat cushion provides a truly versatile backdrop for the pretty picture visit .

The owner definitely has a creative eye. The look of this innovative pot is made of old wood roofing. “We love things that look old and recycle well,” they said. “To make this shelf, we pulled the old roof wood from a jump and added a black-bracketed bracket.

Here is another great find from the decoration duo. “We found a cupboard of old enamel from outside the neighbor’s house,” they said. “With a little recycling, there’s now a perfect pot table.”

The colors have been carefully selected in this garden – as if it were the interior – and the pink lattice matches the drawer of the pot table. Warm hue is an excellent complement to green plants. “It feels great when the roses bloom,” the owner said.

The delicious bed makes an elegant feature on the edge of the terrace. “We love this idea, which we copy from Pinterest,” the owner said.